Pioneering in the field of environmental protection, preserving natural resources, achieving the goals of sustainable development and animal welfare, whether in their homes or preserving them in captivity for the purpose of care and reproduction.


Reaching a safe and clean environment by using the best means and methods in all
aspects of life, and achieving sustainability for natural resources to be safely kept to future generations.


The Environmental Protection Unit aims to achieve the following: 1- Preserving the environment, protecting it and developing it, and preventing pollution , in cooperation and coordination with the competent authorities.


Sanid Organization for Relief and Development currently contributes through the Environmental Protection Unit and the preservation of biological diversity in the Republic of Yemen, as the organization considers environmental protection to be a protection of natural resources and their sustainability for future generations. Among the contributions of the organization is the preservation of the ``Nelson`` eagle, The organization worked to return it to its original homeland. The organization is preserving the Yemeni endangered gazelle, and cooperating with zoos in working to care for the animals kept there, including the endangered Arabian tiger.

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Yemen is distinguished by its geographical location between the continents of Asia and Africa, and by its different terrain, the multiplicity of its climate and the variance of its natural environments

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