Preserving them from being Extinct, SORD Hands over Two Arabian Gazelles to the Zoo of Taiz

March 29, 2020

For preserving endangered animals and in recognition of its national responsibility in the field of wildlife protection, Sanid Organization for Relief and Development (SORD) handed over two Arabian gazelles to the Zoo of Taiz. It is worth mentioning that SORD rescued these two gazelles from the hands of some animal hunters who usually hunt and slaughter Arabian gazelles. They sell their expensive skin and eat their meat, which is considered one of the finest meat in some Arabian countries.
In doing so, SORD represented by its Head Mohamed Hamid Al-Kabous, sought to rescue these endangered gazelles. Unfortunately, still there is no an appropriate reserve for such Arabian gazelles to be released in. Instead, they were handed over to the Zoo of Taiz until establishing a wildlife reserve in Yemen where Arabian gazelles can be released.
The process of delivering gazelles was attended by : the Chief Executive Officer of SORD Mr. Mohammed Al Kabous, the Executive Manager Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Khwolani, the Director of the Environmental Protection Unit, Mr. Maeen Al-Sawari, the Head of the General Authority of Environmental Protection, Mr. Abdul Malik Al-Ghazali, the Executive Manager of the Development and Hygiene Fund, Mr. Ghazi Ahmed Ali, and the Director of the Zoo of Taiz, Mr. Shawky Hashid. Since endangered animals, SORD exerts all efforts to protect and conserve endangered species like Arabian gazelles. In this context and for achieving a joint fruitful cooperation, a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation has been concluded and signed between Sanid Organization for Relief and Development (SORD) and The Development and Hygiene Fund of Taiz Governorate in the field of animals protection in the Zoo of Taiz and all issues relating to its restoration, rehabilitation and development.