SANID Organization for Relief and Development (SORD) held a press conference today, 13th November 2019 on the occasion of Repatriation of the Griffon Bulgarian vulture to his homeland. NELSEN will initially be transferred to UN compound early in the morning of Thursday, 14th November, where he will be moved to Sana’a International Airport by the bus of UN and be air-transported through UNHAS to Djibouti, where he will spend a while for rehabilitation and recovery prior to his final journey to Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian vulture, Nelson had been injured in Taiz city, where he was forced to land due to losing his GPS tracker that was attached in his left wing. Under the instructions and guidance of Mohammed AlKabous, SORD, which signed CITES agreement with EPA, had immediately intervened to rescue and protect Nelsen, included in the list of endangered species threatened with distinction, moved him to its HQ in Sana’a for providing the necessary veterinary services, medicine and food that were crucial for his survival and recovery of his physical strength that was seriously debilitated by the injury and the long journey he made from Bulgaria to Yemen.

However, Nelsen remained under the care and control of SORD until he had extensively y recovered as revealed by latest medical/vet diagnosis and clinical check-ups conducted to him recently. SORD has also prepared the necessary documents and permits necessary for his departure from Sana’a International Airport to Djibouti in preparation for his final repatriation to his homeland which will take place immediately after receiving additional medications and vitamins that will restore his physical and healthy wellbeing.

Mr. Mohammed AlKbous expressed his satisfaction confirming that SORD has fulfilled its moral and contractual obligations stipulated and expressly imposed under the convention on International Trade of endangered species which was signed by Sanid Organization for Relief and Development and gave the green light to the staff of SORD to immediately take the necessary arrangements for the emergency evacuation of this brave and young immigrating vulture that made an extraordinary and miraculous journey from Bulgaria to Yemen and wished him an enjoyable and pleasant trip to his homeland for unification with similar species in FWFF.

Finally, Mohammed AlKabous,t CEO of SORD has expressed his gratitude and sincere appreciation for all the support and assistance of , FWFF, UNDP, EPA/Yemen and other INGOs in the field of protecting species threatened with distinction and confirmed that without their cooperation, solidarity and support this mission would not have been successful.