The Legend of Beirhout, Which Lasted for Thousands of Years, Has Ended..

      Well of Barhout, which the tales and legends used to say is the valley of the jinn, or the prison of the jinn, and that whoever enters it does not return, and that its water is the worst water on the face of the earth as mentioned in the hadiths.. An Omani team solves the mystery of the well and refutes myths and legends, and is exploring the Barhout well in Yemen in the Mahra Governorate, Shahn Directorate.. The Omani team is the first exploration team to go deeper. The initial information is as follows: Digging Depthۃ (112m) Top nozzle diameter (30m) Bottom Bottom Diameter (116m) Oxygen level (Very normal) Water purity (very fresh) Temperatureۃ (30°C) The number of waterfalls (four), and the water comes out from the walls of the well and descends to the bottom of its pit; And it seeps into a side cavity 4 meters long, without any increase in the water level. It turns out that the well is an ordinary well, and on the other hand, the site is a candidate to be a natural tourist attraction. Thanks to the heroes from the Sultanate of Oman.. And my punishment for the rest of the myths and legends..

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