Alone, (creating better living standards for all segments of society, focusing on women, children, youth, people with special needs and the marginalized, and integrating the elderly in society) may seem impossible—

but together, we can accomplish anything.

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Support ) MAINTAIN BIODIVERSITY IN MALHAN PROTECTED AREA) by giving on Monday, April 3, 2023

No matter what challenges we face, positive change is possible when we all come together.

The zoo in Taiz suffers greatly from the lack of cash that keeps its activity going and enables it to provide care for the animals in it by caring for it and providing its various meals according to each type of animal in the park and the continued administrative apparatus that lost their livelihood due to the war. The lack of care and protection of animal species found in the zoo is a serious matter that may cause illness or death as a result of severe shortages in providing health and food car

During The April 2023 Little by Little campaign , little acts of kindness will have an extra BIG impact. During the Little By Little Campaign, get a  50% match on donations up to $50 from @GlobalGiving!. Help us to :
provide adequate nutrition for animal species in the zoo , And create a typical slaughterhouse in the zoo . And provide refrigerators to save food, medicine and vaccines.
Providing optimal health care for all animals in the zoo (providing all requirements for preventive, curative and diagnostic health care tools and materials such as devices , medicines, nutritional supplements, vaccines and vitamins. Making environmentally and behaviorally appropriate adaptation for all animals.

 by donating      During April 3, 2023, at 00:00:00 EDT to April 7, 2023, at 23:59:59 EDT, j