Sanid Organization for Natural Conservation Sector: an independent, non-governmental, non-profit, civil organization specialized in humanitarian relief and development programs. It was established as a youth initiative in 2013 AD by a group of legal and academic business figures from Yemen, Britain and America, and began practicing its activity as a legal entity under the license issued to it by the Ministry of Affairs Social and Labor No. (1013) for the year 2014 AD. In Yemen, its headquarters are in the Republic of Yemen - Sana'a and an office in Aden, and the Organization has two offices outside the Republic of Yemen.
It works within the framework of the laws that regulate work in the humanitarian and development field, environmental protection and heritage in those countries, and it has obtained the advisory membership of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations on (7 - July - 2019).

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Sanid has updated, developed and raised the efficiency of its management by introducing a developed program and a comprehensive protected electronic system that works to manage funds and grants and links financial, administrative, technical and operational regulations and manuals and is characterized by high speed and accuracy to extract the data and reports required for donors, the organization’s management and the Board of Trustees to take administrative and technical decisions ,the staff working to operate it has been trained and qualified, knowing that the organization has qualified cadres in all sectors of the organization, and a network of volunteers and coordinators inside and outside Yemen. The organization’s work is supervised by a board of trustees that includes a number of social figures with long experience in the humanitarian and development sectors, and the environmental and heritage protection sector that takes into account gender in its composition. They have clear tasks and powers, in addition to an advisory body that includes a constellation of experts, consultants, and academics specializing in various fields of humanitarian work.
And on the basis of national responsibility and in view of what our country is going through as a result of the conflicts and the impact of the environment and natural reserves, which are a national wealth because of their great economic impact on the tourism and medicinal side for the abundance of these reserves with medicinal plants that we know little about and ignore a lot, so Sanid Organization aspired to is a pioneer and relevant in this field through international supporters from donor organizations. Sanid Organization is also currently contributing through the Sector of Nature Conservation and preserving biodiversity in the Republic of Yemen, as the Organization considers environmental protection to be the protection of natural resources and their sustainability for future generations. Therefore, the Environment and Heritage Sectors were introduced in October 2019.
The Organization’s contributions include preserving the eagle “Nelson” and working to restore it to its original homeland, preserving the endangered Yemeni deer, and cooperating with zoos to care for the animals there, including the endangered Arabian tiger

The Organization has set a number of important points within its upcoming plans to protect the Yemeni environment in all governorates. In addition to holding qualifying training courses in the field of environmental protection of all kinds and forms, and holding seminars, workshops and awareness activities in the same field. Sanid Organization for Natural Conservation will open broad and global horizons to protect the Yemeni environment, and it will also work to inform the world of Yemen’s distinguished location, which is rich in its unique biodiversity and charming picturesque sites.


Leadership in the field of Natural Conservation, preservation of natural resources, achievement of sustainable development goals, and animal welfare, whether in the homeland or preserving it in captivity.


Sanid Organization for Natural Conservation Sector, seeks to contribute to expanding environmental preservation and development, preventing pollution, protecting and caring for wild animals that are vulnerable to extinction


The Regulations Sanid Organization for Natural Conservation Sector aim to achieve the following:
1- Preserving, protecting and developing the environment, and preventing pollution from it in coordination with the relevant authorities.

Principles and values

Issues before stakeholders, donors, direct beneficiaries, partners and government. They have the right to obtain the necessary information and clarifications about their interests. The mechanism for managing resources to ensure transparency, fairness, fairness and equality.

work to provide assistance to the affected population without distinction or discrimination based on nationality, race, religious, sectarian or political views. Providing support and assistance to needy families and giving priority to the most vulnerable households.

We cooperate and coordinate between international organizations, associations and agencies related to humanitarian work locally and globally, so as to achieve integration in humanitarian work and quality programs

We seek to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by high professionalism and commitment to international humanitarian principles and respect for human rights.

We deal clearly, transparently and fairly in all our transactions, reports and projects.

We deal clearly, transparently and fairly in all our transactions, reports and projects.








Food Security


We cooperate and coordinate between international organizations, associations and agencies related to humanitarian work locally and globally, so as to achieve integration in humanitarian work and quality programs.

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