Protecting Arab Leopard in Endangered Yemen in Al-Dali ‘governorate

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The Arabian tiger (Panthera pardus nimr) is classified as threatened with extinction on IUCN Red List. Yemen was identified as the main country to conserve the Arabian tiger More than 15 years ago, an Arab tiger from Wada was captured and local residents still indicate that the Arab tiger is in the Wadaa Reserve and some of the reserves in Yemen


The Arabian leopard is threatened by habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation; hunting of its wild prey, and retaliatory killing in defense of livestock (Al Jumaily et al. 2006, Breitenmoser 2006, Edmonds et al. 2006a, Judas et al. 2006, Spalton and Al Hikmani 2006, Al-Johany 2007).


This project will verify the presence of the Arabian leopard and assess the status of the population. Results of the research will provide data about the Arabian Leopard population in general. By clearly establishing the existence and extent of the Arabian leopard population in Wada a

Long-Term Impact

The proposed program will establish permanent monitoring of the arabian leopard population. The local individuals will be trained in research techniques and data collection. The results will identify threats to the survival of these Arabian leopards, including the poaching of Arabian leopards and their prey, destruction of habitat, tourism, and competition between Arabian leopards and livestock and the data collected will assist to establish law to declarative this Area as a national reserve