Weʼre raising £100,000 to Taiz zoo in Yemen is struggling for survive

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The difficult and tragic conditions in Yemen resulting from the war have formed harsh and painful conditions for human life and animals in general, as the natural reserves were affected by the near-total ruin, and the absence of security and deterrent law caused the spread of the unjust hunting of endangered wild animals such as the Arab tigers, which lost nature in Yemen more Of the 43 tigers due to overfishing in a number of regions, including Al-Dhalea and Shabwa , also, zoos became threatened due to the lack of liquidity to cover the needs of animals, which threatens more than 438 wild animals, including more than 438 in the governorate of Taiz, only 38 of which are rare Arab tigers classified within the lists of UNESCO threatened by global extinction, 16 from rare Asian lions and 16 Of eagles of various shapes Among them is threatened with extinction. It is the only zoo in Taiz governorate that is visited by hundreds of thousands of citizens annually from various governorates of the Republic of Yemen to watch the animals closely and enjoy looking at them and providing sufficient information about them in terms of their behavior, food, places of presence and other information that the visitor acquires on the zoo to teach their children and their families what the zoo contains. Contains many predators, reptiles, pets, prey, poultry, etc. It also contains rare animals, such as the Yemeni tiger and other important animals, and the zoo is considered an environmental wealth for our country and a national, international and humanitarian duty to preserve and support it. By all means and capabilities.