1- Preserving, protecting and developing the environment, and preventing pollution from it in coordination with the relevant authorities.
2- Preserving natural resources in all their components, developing them and rationalizing their use.
 3- Contributing to achieving sustainable development goals.
  4- Making environmental planning an integral part of comprehensive development planning in all industrial, agricultural, urban and other fields.
 5- Raising awareness of environmental issues, instilling a sense of individual and collective responsibility to preserve and improve them, and encourage national volunteer efforts in this field.
 6- Protecting wild animals, especially endangered animals, and animals in captivity and in zoos.
 7- Preserving the environment from toxins and hazardous materials imported and produced locally.
 8- Creating a national database on everything related to the environment and its preservation.
 9- Participating and participating in events and conferences related to nature conservation and environmental protection at the local and international levels.