The Vision:
– Pioneering in the field of environmental protection, preserving natural resources, achieving the goals of sustainable development and animal welfare, whether in their homes or preserving them  in captivity for the purpose of care and reproduction.
– Sanid Organization for Relief and Development seeks, through the Environmental Protection Unit, to contribute to expanding the preservation and development of the environment, preventing pollution, protecting and caring for wild animals, especially those species about  to extinct, and establishing and raising awareness of all sectors of society about the importance of the environment and preserving it according to the foundations, principles, systems, laws and customary international agreements  to achieve comprehensive development at all levels.


Reaching a safe and clean environment by using the best means and methods in all aspects of life, and achieving sustainability for natural resources to be safely kept to future generations.


The Objectives:
The Environmental Protection Unit aims to achieve the following:
1- Preserving the environment, protecting it and developing it, and preventing pollution , in cooperation and coordination with the competent authorities.
2- Preserving the natural resources with all its components, developing them and rationalizing their use.
3- Contributing to achieving the sustainable development goals.
4- Making environmental planning an integral part of comprehensive planning for development in all industrial, agricultural, urban and other fields.
5- Raising the level of awareness of environmental issues, consolidating a sense of individual and collective responsibility to maintain and improve them, and encourage national voluntary efforts in this field.
6- Protecting wild animals, especially endangered animals, and animals in captivity and in zoos.
7- Preserving the environment from toxins and dangerous substances introduced and produced locally.
8- Creating  a national database for everything related to the environment and preserve it.


Sections of the unit:
Department of Nature Protection.
Department of Animal Protection and Welfare.
Poison and Hazardous Substances Department.
Climate and Air Pollution Department.
Health Awareness and Environmental Education Department.
Department of Research and Studies.