SORD Provides Nutritional and Therapeutic Assistance for Equestrian Cub Horses in Sana’a

May 18, 2020

As part of its environmental activities, the Environmental Protection Unit of Sanid Organization for  Relief and Development  (SORD)has provided food and treatment assistance to the horses of the Equestrian Club in the Secretariat of the Capital, Sana’a. Mr. Mohammad Al-Kabous, the head of the SORD, assigned the Environment Unit of the organization, headed by its  Director, Eng. / Ma’een Al-Sawari, to visit the Club and provide two trucks of horse food which will secure feeding the horses for more than a month. A group of medicines for horses have been provided, as well. Such an action  comes in light of the harsh conditions and severe suffering experienced by the club’s horses due to the current situation that Yemen has been going through for more than five years. Hundreds of pure and trained Arabian horses passed away during this period as a result of extreme hunger and diseases.

Mr. Al-Kabous stated that SORD will work to develop an integrated food program during the coming period and will search for financial resources to the program to save horses in the Equestrian Club.

The director of the Environment Unit and its team also listened to the club’s employees, the most important problems and difficulties facing them, and how to solve these problems in cooperation with all horse admirers